Koh Kood

From Koh Chang we moved to Koh Kood Island. This is a Thai island in the Gulf of Thailand, located near Cambodia. According to the description on the Internet, Ko Kood is famous for its beautiful beaches and clean water. But everyone writes that housing there is expensive. Our Thai friend, Mr. Nu, confirmed this information, and even composed a short poem about expensive houses: Koh Kood - no good. He said that the prices for houses there are 1500-2000 rubles per day, and maybe, if you try, you can find one for 1200 rubles. Well, we'll find out. As I already wrote, we bought tickets to Kood Island on the mainland when we were going to Koh Chang. They cost 900 rubles. On Chang itself you can buy tickets for 400-500 rubles, but this is for a slow boat, and we should have a fast one. A taxi arrived for us 2 hours late. We were taken to the pier and put on a boat.

On the way to Khud, our boat stopped at Mak Island (Kho Mak / Koh Mak) An interesting small island (16 km²). As you can see from the photo, the island is not very high, i.e. has a flat landscape. A small wave and he will disappear under water. Kidding. I haven't seen the whole island. We just got out, walked around for 5 minutes and got back into the boat.

Koh Kood

We disembarked at Ao Bang Bao at the pier next to Koh Kood Resort. We looked at the beautiful water at the pier for a bit and went to look for accommodation and find out prices.

There are all kinds of entertainment on Ko Kood: kayaking, renting bicycles/motorbikes, snorkeling, diving, fishing, all sorts of tours to a waterfall or pearl farm.

Koh Kood Hotels

Everything here was occupied by resorts with expensive houses. The first resort, Koh Kood resort, offered houses for 1200 or 1800. But all the houses were occupied. The second is The Beach Natural Resort. A very beautiful place. We go further, pass the stones to the third point. At the third hotel with houses on the shore - Siam Beach Resort Koh Kood, prices for bungalows ranged from 1200 to 3000. I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that all the bungalows here are also occupied. One Thai told us that if we go further, we will come to the last resort on the shore, which was visible ahead - Sand & Sea Kohkood and that you can rent housing there at low prices. We headed there with the hope that at least there would be a free bungalow for us. At the reception we were offered the last available house for 800 rubles, or rent a room for 300 rubles. A room, of course, was not an option, and after thinking a little and haggling in an attempt to bring down the price, we rented a house for a day for 800 rubles.

How to open a coconut

Rumor has it that opening a coconut is quite difficult unless you have a good cleaver at hand. In fact, there is nothing difficult about hiding a coconut, but you still have to work hard. So, to split a coconut, we need: hands growing from the right place, a medium-sized stone, an ordinary table knife and, of course, the coconut itself. The top of the coconut is covered with a rather soft skin. You need to peel it with a knife until you get to the core, which contains milk and white filling. If you want to get only the milk out of the coconut, then you can peel a small area of the skin, but if you want to eat the insides, you will have to clean it more. The core is very strong, an ordinary knife will not take it. This is where a stone comes in handy. We apply neat pinpoint blows with the stone, “drawing” the fault line we need. After we drink the milk, we continue to crack the coconut to eat the insides. Delicious... It was probably worth it!