Krabi Province

Waking up in the morning, the thought came to my mind that by the time I write about my travels, I will already be heading to a new place smile. We should hurry. Well, somehow I wanted to look at the photo today and write everything down here. Today I will write about another place in Thailand that I visited - the province of Krabi. There were only a few days left before the end of the second 30-day visa in Thailand, so I wanted to go somewhere with Pee Pee for a short while, and after that, after picking up a visa, I’d go to Samui. I started going through the options and again Octopus, or rather his notes about Krabi Town, helped in making a decision.

That's where I went. From Pi-Pi I sailed to the mainland, near the pier I got into a taxi, which ripped me off for 250 baht and brought me to the place I indicated in 7-10 minutes. In general, Thai (and not only) taxi drivers near piers, airports, and bus stations rip off poor farangs as they please. The best option would be to move further away from these places and catch a taxi. But then somehow the road went away from the pier into the distance, and there were no other taxis on the horizon, just some village and trees.


The tour included: — Canoeing in Limestone cave (Tam Lod) Kao Majoo. We put him in a canoe with a Thai and took him for a ride through the water caves. It was fun, especially when I told my boatman that I was from Russia. After that, he half-whispered to all his colleagues passing by that I was a mafia. It's funny. It’s a pity that I left the camera for storage with our guide, I was afraid that I would get wet. James Bond Island (Kao Tapoo). This place has become quite popular in Krabi after a scene in the James Bond film was filmed here. I wasn't particularly impressed by the island. An ordinary piece of rock, of which there are a lot in Krabi. You can't go to the island itself; smile. Everyone is dropped off on the island of Kao Ping Kan, located a few meters away. After that we sailed to Koh Panyee. The so-called village of “Sea Gypsies”. Muslims live here, only a few years ago they received citizenship by order of the King of Thailand. They have settled well here - the houses are on stilts, they live off tourists + what they catch from the water. There is a school and even a football field here. The king invited them to live on the mainland, but they refused. After Koh Panyee we were taken to the Monkey Cave Temple (Wat Suwankuha). At the entrance of the cave there are a bunch of monkeys, which I had already seen enough of in Thailand (they are no longer interesting). I found some strange device that predicts the future. You had to insert 5 baht (5 rubles) into it, everything would start spinning (like in a casino) and a number would appear. Then a prediction was given for each number. I got the number 12. Here is the prediction itself, in clumsy English:

You are like a mute who is scolded and cannot express what he thinks. And the help of others is just an illusion, a dream that disappears when you wake up. Don't even think about sex, otherwise it will get you into trouble. However, you can consider yourself lucky if you win the case for which you were accused; if your friend sincerely supports you in a successful endeavor. It is quite possible that you will be able to find friends and relatives with whom you once parted, but you will hardly be able to find luck


Ao Nang is a bay, it is also a beach, and there is also a small village of the same name. It is located 18 km from Krabi town. Thais from Krabi town, when asked “what to visit here?” The first thing they told me was this place. Normal clean water, spacious and flat beach. The best time to run is in the morning.

Tiger Cave

The second attraction is the tiger cave. I did not go into the cave itself, as I was carried away by what was next to it. Namely, 1237 steps of a staircase stretching up the mountain. At the top of the mountain there is a large Buddha statue. I started climbing at about 16.00. I thought that I would be climbing for an hour and a half, and as soon as I got up, it would be sunset, and the photos would be “better.” But, despite the steep stairs, to my surprise, I climbed up in about 40 minutes. I was all sweaty and my legs were shaking, but sport is good. At the top, in addition to people, I killed 3-4 dogs. So the question is, why the hell do they go up there? Why can't they sit on the ground? Realizing that the wait for sunset was long and hot, I decided to go down. Halfway there, monkeys met me and almost stole my bag. It was generally easy to get down. I decided not to go to the cave, I’d better go to another place before it gets dark.