Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor is the most popular ancient city in Cambodia, which includes many temples and palaces. It is located in Cambodia near the city of Siem Reap, which only lives off tourists who come to see Angkor. So I arrived in Cambodia, took a taxi to Siem Reap, then took a tuk-tuk to a place where there were a lot of cheap hotels and started looking for a room.I needed a room no more than $20 with internet and all amenities. There are many such rooms here. The price tag started from $10. I found normal rooms with internet for $12.

By the way, I came up with a clever way to get a big discount on rooms wink I won’t fire, otherwise everyone will start using it and the topic will die. And for the public there is one note - some hotels have websites. If you book rooms through the website, the rental price will be lower (sometimes even several times), so you can ask about this before moving in. In general, I checked into a hotel called Ancient Angkor Guesthouse for $15


When I left in the morning, the carriage had already arrived, and we went to Angkor. From Siem Reap to Angkor it feels like about 4-5 km. 5 am. I'm in a carriage. A T-shirt and shorts do nothing to protect you from the cool headwind while moving. I thought that I should have some warm thing in my luggage for such cases.

Some smart people download an audio guide, take a player and hit the road - that’s also an option.


We arrived at the checkpoint, where I bought a ticket for $20. It was not even a ticket, but a pass with a photo, which gave the right to hang out around the territory of Angkor all day. Semyon brought me to the first point - the famous Angkor Wat temple and showed me the road where the sunrise would be most beautiful. I came to the lake, where I and several hundred other people were waiting for the sun, armed with cameras. It’s impossible to shoot in the dark without a tripod, so most of us sat idle for about 40 minutes, including me. We waited until dawn and started taking photos.

More temples

After visiting Angkor Wat, we went to other temples - Angkor Thom, Bayon, Ta Prum and others. I didn’t really care about history, sometimes I listened to what passing guides said - it was interesting, but not enough to delve into it and tell others. All I need to do is look and take photos for memory and to show you. In general, it was moderately interesting, you can watch it once; smile. At first it was interesting to look at the buildings, painted walls and statues, but then all this tired me, it became boring and by 12 o’clock I was driving home.