Koh Samet: beach, atmosphere, impressions

It’s not easy to find time to write blog posts. But I try more than ever. I often wake up at 7 in the morning (which is surprising, I myself do not have an alarm clock), go out on the porch, sit on a stump or a hammock and make notes. In this post, as promised, I will write my impressions and feedback about the island of Koh Samet (Koh Samet, Thailand).


Warm light turquoise water, a good bottom without corals, stones and algae, a clean beach with white gentle sand - this is what I can say about Samet beach, on which I swam. Garbage, leaves and branches from trees from the beach are constantly removed, so there is quite clean. Wonderful sand - fine, soft and warm. It reminds me of something like well chopped peanut halva or something like that :) Bury the body in such sand, leaving only the head, and relax, looking at the smiles of passers-by, at the blue sky with lonely white clouds and at the tops of the palm trees.


In the previous post I already wrote that there were problems with cheap housing. It seems, I understand, why the prices for houses and bungalows here are not as low as, for example, in Samui. The fact is that on this small island there is no source of fresh water. In order for tourists to wash and wash, water is brought from the mainland by ships. That's exactly the cost of these transportation and included in the rental price.

Along the coast all sorts of different trees. Palm is not much.


With food full order. We ate restaurants on the shore. Eating or drinking, feet in the sand, looking at the sea. Nicely. There are a lot of items in the menu. There are both European and Thai cuisine. The food is much tastier than in Bangkok on Khoasan rd. There is no pity for the products, everything is harmoniously and beautifully decorated. Sometimes juices, necks and other drinks are decorated with either a piece of fruit or a flower in general, such as an orchid.

Main street

On the beach you can meet the sellers of fruit or pancakes (something like a pancake with a fruit filling). Bars on the Samet were not particularly impressed. Most of the action takes place in the bars on the shore, but everything is somehow “pop”. Klubnyak and house play, a lot of drunk Europeans dance and drink. Right there on the beach almost every day you can see a fire show. The best fire shows I've ever seen.

Well, where we do not

In Tae good. In general, it is good where we are not. I noticed such a picture in Thailand - in those places where there are a lot of Russian tourists, “everything is heading straight to hell”. Thais are not so smiling and trusting, the food is good for Europeans and is not as tasty as usual. Markets are somewhat like ours. Prices are inflated 4-5 times. Everywhere you can hear "Russian speech" with mats and shouts of "Tagiiiiil!" And Russian words can be heard even from Thais. They even learned the numbers to say the price. In general, the atmosphere in such places is completely different. I want to quickly get out of such places. I have not been to all places of the island, but in the place where I lived there were too many Russian-speaking farangs. I do not even know where such a dislike for them comes from. Probably because I went to rest. Rest not only in body and soul, but also rest from Russia, cold weather, Russian life and mentality, which, in a word, fed up with. I do not want to offend anyone. Sometimes there are also normal, adequate, intelligent, civilized, but cheerful and cheerful Russian travelers who do not teach the Thais the words “Do it !!” and do not try to change everything and adjust it for themselves. In general, we lived on a Samet for 3 days and decided to dump on another island. I will write about this later.