Rest in Pattaya

From Cambodia returned to sunny Thailand. In a place called, known, perhaps, to everyone who heard about Thailand - in Pattaya. A bus ticket from Sihanoukville to Pattaya cost me $ 30. First we drove to the border on a big bass, in Taja we were transferred to a minibus. Together with me there was a couple of Russians who were traveling to Phuket. They roughly explained to me where you can rent a good and cheap room in Pattaya.

Rental housing in Pattaya

Got off the bus, caught a moto taxi and went to look for the place that was advised to me. Wheels with a taxi driver for about an hour and finally found (search for a place reminded something of a scene with a taxi driver from the movie “Gentlemen of Fortune”). The place is not tourist, the name is in Thai, it’s unreadable, so it was not easy to find it. The room cost 250r / day. The room is spacious, large bed, table, chairs, wardrobes, shower / WC, balcony, powerful fan, wi-fi. In general, what is necessary. Outside the window running squirrels.

If you rent a house for a long time, then you can bargain. In this hotel, it seems, live mostly Thais. The only disadvantage of that place is the distance from restaurants and from the sea. To come to the beach (there is just a bunch of cafes and restaurants), it was necessary to roll off the moto taxi drivers for 60-70 rubles one way. It was possible to rent a bike for 150-200 rubles per day, but I, seeing the hellish movement in Pattaya, was eager and decided that it was not yet time for me to steer. Moto-taxis are here at almost every corner, there are also tuk-tuks and regular taxis. Getting somewhere is not a problem. After living for 12 days, changed the apartment. Moved to Jomtien Beach. To the sea to go 30 seconds. Near many restaurants and cafes, stalls and booths with food. The price of a room per night is already more expensive - 400 rubles. There lived 5 days. In general, there will be no problems with renting a property in Pattaya - many hotels, guesthouses, rooms and other things. Prices do not bite.

Sea in Pattaya

About the clear sea in Pattaya, you can forget. The central beach on Beach Road is just tin - a lot of people, dirt, exhaust fumes and road noise. This is understandable, because the road is about 20 meters, and across the road are high-rise hotels. There is a haze in the air, so in the heat it is better not to be here at all. Although many people are satisfied with this situation, they calmly bathe, lie in sun beds, and even run along the road. These strange people sometimes do not understand. You will laugh, but in 17 days in Pattaya, I have never bought. Only he helped his feet. (If you go far along Jomtien to the resots, then there will be no road nearby, but even there I did not want to swim ..) Good beaches promise only 30km from Pattaya and Koh Lan island. I have not been there ... But not all the highlight of Pattaya in the beaches. She is famous for her entertainment.

In Pattaya, a lot of massage parlors. Good and not so expensive and cheap. There are serious salons where they will only do a massage without a hint of continuation. There are salons in which for a fee you will be offered to continue. Happy End with your hands or something else :)

Pattaya Entertainment

Pattaya is an oasis of entertainment, a haven for those who are rejected and dissatisfied. Many come here for tourism, in search of the performance of still unfulfilled fantasies. Someone is just going to have fun, take an active and fun break from the routine. Someone is just interested and they want to look at all that is going on here. They come here alone, in pairs, and even families with children. Come, leave or stay to live. Someone finds a permanent secret. By the way, there are a lot of whites who live with cocks. Especially fun to watch as 60-70-year-old uncles go for a pen with a secret. Romance…:) The main part of go-go bars, restaurants and a large crowd of people from all over the world gather on this street when it gets dark. There is entertainment for every taste - to see, to participate yourself - just pay.

Pattaya Park Tower

The only attraction I visited is the Pattaya Park Tower. A tall building of 56 floors. The view from here is just great. On the photos, unfortunately, it does not pass. You can go downstairs in several ways - an elevator, booth, downhill (xs, as this thing is called.), Well, you can just jump, but this will be your last leap in life. Entrance to the tower costs 200 rubles, if the descent on one of the rides, then 300 rubles. Upstairs free water or juice. I went down the cable. Not scary. At all. Almost not interesting. Speed is missing something... Downstairs there is a water park with a large jacuzzi, slides and pools. I came here several times to eat kebabs, fried potatoes and other Russian cuisine. Some dishes are prepared quite well, but still the taste is not “like at home”. By the way, on Jomtien there are also restaurants with Russian cuisine. Salad Olivier, pancakes, dumplings and even hash. Russian in Pattaya a lot of rest. You can meet them at every turn.


In general, the rest in Pattaya liked and remembered. Many jokes and interesting moments are remembered. But I would not want to live here. Many tourists, noisy, smoky, dirty sea ... somehow stuffy here, despite the fun nightlife. Maybe I'm just not "party type." I prefer a quiet island, with beautiful scenery, clear water, small restaurants with friendly owners, chefs and waiters all in one ... But sometimes hang out and hunt. Yes, and will not be superfluous.